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Participation of junior athletes in senior races, when a minimum age requirement has been set.


Matlock Athletic Club’s policy on this issue is that junior athletes should not participate in senior races when they are younger than the stated lower age limit under any circumstances. If juniors run in races they are too young to enter they will not be covered by any insurances through the club.

Past agreements between the young athlete, the athlete's parents or carer and the race organiser, which have resulted in underage athletes competing in senior races, have been completely against the UKA/FRA rules concerning the participation of young athletes in fell running races and such agreements must not be entered into in the future. Below is an extract from the FRA requirements and rules for race organisers:

Race Organisers must stipulate age limits for their events.The following maximum distance limits for juniors must be observed, ages as on the day of the race (not on1stJanuary). For FRA Fell Races the minimum age for competition is sixyears.


Under 8 Under 10 Under 12 Under 14 Under 16 Under 18
1 kilometre 2 kilometres 3 kilometres 5 kilometres 7 kilometres 10 kilometres


On the FRA site there are lists of athletes who have received bans from competition for contravening FRA rules, including entering incorrect information on entry forms. Most bans are for 6 months, with extensions for repeat offences.

Correct Name, age and date of birth MUST be written on any application form when it is required.

Craig Allen

Club Chairman

On behalf of Matlock Athletic Club Committee

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