Matlock Athletic Club Code of Conduct

Matlock Athletic Club (the club) will:
1) Adopt national policies and codes of conduct in relation to athlete welfare.
2)  Ensure that all club coaches hold appropriate qualifications.
3) Ensure that all club officers, coaches and volunteers act responsibly and set a good example to all members and that all club officers and coaches have a current DBS clearance
4) Appoint at least one designated welfare officer to act as first point of contact in cases of concern about athlete welfare - contact details will be provided on the club’s website and notice board.
5) Carry out its duty within relevant legislation and government guidelines, as well as recommendations and guidelines from UK Athletics/ARC
6) Treat all members equally and fairly, regardless of race, religion or gender.
7) Deal with any matters that breach this Code of Conduct in accordance with the club’s Disciplinary Procedure.
8) The club has zero tolerance on abusive, offensive or derogatory comments made verbally during a club training session or on our social media pages – Facebook, Twitter or website. The club reserve the right to terminate the membership of any club member found to be in breach of this clause. The Club also recognises that many runners make use of social media in a personal capacity and while they are not acting on behalf of the Club, members must be aware that they could risk damaging our reputation if these are not appropriate.

As a member of Matlock Athletic Club you must
1) Ensure that your behaviour during all times is dignified and does not cause offence to others. Remember that you are a representative and ambassador of the club and as such, the club as a whole may be judged by your actions as an individual.
2) Provide a signed consent form to the club when required to do so and update your contact details should they change.
3) Be courteous and polite to other competitors, officials, coaching staff and volunteers.
4) Act in accordance with the Highway Code and respect pedestrians and road users at all times.
5) Show patience with others, and respect diversity and ability. Be polite and courteous to other runners
6) Refrain from engaging in any communication with the press or via the internet which seeks to criticise the club, club members, other athletes, officials or event organisers.
7)  Adhere to any instructions and safety guidelines given by Coaches during coached sessions and Run Leaders during Club runs. Members should always partake in appropriate warm-up and cool-down activities as required by a club coach in order to prepare the body for exercise and to prevent injury.
8) Accept responsibility for your own safety

Reviewed March 2017

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