1. The club shall be called Matlock Athletic Club. The aim of the club shall be to encourage amateur athletics within the area according to the laws and rules of England Athletics. It will be open to all the community* without discrimination and its facilities will be available to all members without discrimination. Any fees for membership or use of its facilities shall be set at a level not to pose a significant obstacle to that membership. Matlock Athletic Club is not a Profit Making Organisation and as such, the club shall be organised on an amateur basis and any surplus income shall be reinvested in the club.
    note – new membership admissions may be suspended at the discretion of the Executive Committee where this is deemed to be necessary. This might apply in particular to junior membership, where the number of members will be restricted by the number of volunteers available to run junior training sessions safely
  2. The assets of the club shall be used to achieve these aims. The club can only be dissolved with the consent of two-thirds of those attending a general meeting called to consider this matter. In the event of the dissolution of the club the assets shall be donated to a club or association with similar aims or to some charitable purpose.
  3. The club shall hold an AGM every year. At least 28 days’ notice must be given to all members. The agenda, minutes, accounts and any proposed alterations to the constitution must be displayed on the club notice board or website at least 7 days in advance of the meeting. An annual subscription shall be decided and the following officers shall be appointed: Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer. Other officers may be appointed at the discretion of the AGM, eg. Captain; Social Secretary; Junior Co-ordinator; Women’s Co-ordinator.
  4. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the club’s Executive Committee or by at least 10% of its paid-up members giving at least 28 days’ notice in writing of the motion they wish to be discussed. The agenda for an EGM must be displayed on the club notice board or website at least 7 days in advance of the meeting.
  5. The management of the club shall be vested in the officers operating as an Executive Committee. This Committee may co-op other members and may delegate specific tasks to sub-committees. However, these sub-committees may not commit the club financially except where they have been given a budget covering their specific responsibilities. Minutes shall be kept of all such meetings.
  6. The club colours shall be light blue with a dark blue band. The inclusion of white is also permitted.
  7. The secretary shall maintain the register of all members showing names, addresses, dates of birth and the dates of joining and leaving the club.
  8. Membership fees are payable by 31st March each year, to coincide with UKA affiliations. Any members with lapsed or fees remaining overdue at 30th April may not run in the name of the club.
  9. The club shall endeavour, subject to prior approval by the Committee, to support its members financially for the purpose of the sport by way of funding entry fees for county, regional, national or international championship events. Also relay or other team events when competing under the name of the club at the discretion of the committee. These fees will be appended to the club constitution and may be modified by the treasurer in consultation with the committee. Further consideration may be given to funding trips to spectator events, subject to prior approval by the Executive Committee.
  10. Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the Executive.
  11. The Executive Committee shall deal with any irregularity or breach of its constitution in accordance with the Club Complaints Procedure. Where a matter cannot be resolved by the Executive Committee, members have the right to escalate issues and concerns to either the Association of Running Clubs and /or England Athletics.

Updated February 2019

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