Ironman Bolton

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Ironman Bolton was created by Jan Forrester
Lottie Riddle tookon Ironman Bolton.  3.8km swim course
takes place at Pennington Flash Country Pk, three loop 180.2km bike course and
four loop 42.2km run course“A relief to see the red carpet and hear again thewords “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” An early 2.30am start with a couple of hours brokensleep, ready for a 6am swim. The lake was warm and calm, fellow swimmers were
very kind and the laps whizzed by no problem. Onto the bike and boy - hill after hill, torrentialrain throughout and a bunch of very technical descents. Whilst I slowed on the
3rd lap I’m super happy with my cycling - needed a lot of skill on that course
to stay upright! Rack the bike then you’re heading straight into themarathon. One step and I’m thinking I can’t walk never mind run. Ease my way
into the running, legs started to feel better and held 5.30km pace til the
half. Then just had to focus on form, smooth shuffle running and get myself to
25km, focus on 30km then the last 10km lap as it got harder and harder. I had no competitive mindset yesterday just wantedto get it done! But delighted with 6th place in my age category and 15th female
finisher overall including the Pro Women so I’ll take that!!!Literally can’t walk now so you’ll see me hobblingaround - time for a rest! Never again am I entering an Ironman”.

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