Which Way Challenge No 2

1 month 4 days ago #4277 by Jan Forrester
WHICH WAY AGAIN has seen 14 challenges recorded so far, on routes averaging 5.34 miles with 1254 feet climb. If it was a fell race that would put it at the upper end of category ‘B’, so perhaps that’s what discouraged some MACs from trying it !If some of you are still tempted, I’ve extended the closing date to Monday evening (5th) as requested by at least one enthusiast – but watch out for snow on Monday.I’ve collated the scoreboard in alphabetical order and there are no declared ‘winners’, as we all did different routes and some runners only submitted one time (moving or elapsed ?). You can compare your times and route choices and share experiences. If there are any additions or corrections needed, let me know and I’ll update the results after Monday.

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