Which Way Again Challenge

1 month 2 weeks ago #4272 by Jan Forrester
Hopefully the last challenge for MAC Members before we can resume groups of 6 runs. This one from Les Thurston -“Here we go with ‘WHICH WAY AGAIN’. Something to fill the last gap before we get back to group runs on 1st April.It is a route choice and navigation challenge, taking in both sides of the Derwent valley. It will run from 24th to 30th March - once the clocks change sunset will be about 1930, so there will be enough light for an evening attempt if that suits you.The format is the same as the previous event last November. Pick one of the ten points on the map as your Start/Finish, then run a route visiting the other nine points in any order – clockwise, anti-clockwise, inside out or back to front.Study the map from the comfort of your armchair then GO FOR IT.I’ll post progress reports but won’t reveal route choices until the event ends.”

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