Virtual Post Box Challenge Run

5 months 1 week ago #4241 by Jan Forrester
MAC Members’ next Virtual Challenge is the Post Box Challenge organised by David Greatorex.David explains - “I’m sure we are all aware of where our local post box is? But this challenge is to venture a little further from the end of the road and find those post boxes that have been there for something like the last 100 years in some cases.Basically this is how it will work, you run for 60 minutes, anywhere you like. But there are two challenges to consider:How many post boxes can you bag in a 60 minute run? (Obviously the speed demons will do well here)The second challenge is to try and find the rarer post boxes, these rarer post boxes can be determined by which Royal Cypher they have on the box. There are 6 Cyphers which can be found on a postbox, some are very common, but some extremely rare. Points will be awarded for the boxes you bag.The only rule is you must get within a distance to physically touch the box without touching it due to COVID-19. There are also a few disused boxes dotted about hidden in walls, these also count.Multiple attempts are allowed, the only thing I ask is you message me directly with the number of boxes you bagged and the points you scored. In the interest of a fair competition it might be an idea not to reveal locations. The event will run from Saturday 28th November till Sunday 6th December. “

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