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New "Safety when running" section on MAC website.

8 years 4 months ago #511 by ianmilne
One further thing bothers me. When running with a head torch on narrow unlit roads in the dark, oncomming drivers see only the bright light. They have tendancy to regard this as belonging to a cyclist who will be riding on the left, and hence steers to the left of the light. We, (Jim Titterton, Brian, Gerry and I) almost got run down because of this some years ago. People should either run on the left or be prepared to move over to the left each time they see oncoming traffic. And it's absolutely essential to wear reflective clothing in the dark.

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8 years 4 months ago - 8 years 4 months ago #512 by Alan
To further the point of safety and high visible clothing. This could be a good time to mention that there will soon be available, a New Hi-Viz Tabard with the Matlock Athletic Club Logo to help make us be seen at night. They have been available for some of the Children to use on the Monday Night Training sessions but will soon be available to all to purchase if required. Please keep a look out on the Website and the Facebook page, (in the near future), for details on Cost, Sizes and how to order.



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8 years 4 months ago #514 by Andy Lessiter
Thanks to Ian and Alan. Both your comments have been incorporated into the new section which is rapidly evolving into a 'fountain of knowledge' for all aspects of safety whilst running as experienced members of the club continue to suggest additional advice.



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8 years 4 months ago #516 by brian
Could I suggest one small addition to safety that I have found useful: when running alone on cross country in fields with cattle or horses in, always have a fast 400m in hand in case you need a quick escape route.
There are cases or runners being killed by farm animals.

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8 years 4 months ago #521 by russell
Runners ideas on this topic do not occur all in one, and feedback (including mine) has been in dribs and drabs which must be a bit frustrating for Andy. What has emerged are thoughts on the different considerations which apply to isolated cross country type runs, and urban traffic and human type hazards. This has now been nicely grouped under sub headings. However, I had just started to think about livestock hazards when I saw a response form my old friend Mr Howitt, who doubtless remembers the shire horses on Vicarwood from his old Derby and County days. I suggest that "Animals" should be yet another sub-heading and my thoughts (qualified by a little farming experience and a few years of coaxing Tessa past cows) are as follows.

Dogs: not much one can do except to look out and keep as far away as possible. If you know the whereabouts of an especially nasty one, tell your friends.

Pigs: In my view, the most dangerous farm animal with a savage bite and a 25mph running capability Do not run through a field with pigs in even if the alternative is trespassing and climbing barbed wire.

Cattle: Do not try to outrun them, they can beat Ussein Bolt. Calmness is the key, keep quiet and give them such room as is practical, and pass a herd, especially one with calves, on one side or the other rather than passing between. Any trouble is most likely to be due to young stock becoming excited and then winding up the adults. Beef breed bulls are OK if not excited as explained. Herefords have white faces and light brown bodies, (I keep one as a pet). Angus bulls, black all over and smaller, are not quite so cuddly but OK given a bit of space. I would not advise entering a field where any bull other than these two are near enough to see and identify. I have been advised that cattle are prone to being startled and therefore dangerous in twilight, so act accordingly. (This advice comes from an old professional farmer, and a recent fatality which led to a farmer facing a manslaughter charge entailed a bull of an unsuitable breed, and took place in twilight).

Horses: Their demeanor varies enormously, and lean swift thoroughbred types are predictably less pleasant to be near (look at me for example!) If they are running about, an alternative route is a good idea, otherwise, give them such space as is practicable

General Should we put a final date on any further observations about this and similar discussions, so as to enable the document to be regarded as final?

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8 years 3 months ago #523 by Andy Lessiter
Thank you Clive for the advice on animals.

I am especially nervous of cows having been chased a few times.

Since safety advice evolves over time I think it probably best to keep adding as people think of more topics or changes to existing info already posted. I am more than happy to carry on doing this.

Thanks again


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