Ironman Austria 2nd July 2017

So the training had not been going to plan with a back issue causing a trapped nerve affecting my running badly but not one for giving up I decided to go ahead and venture off to Austria.

Race day, the swim was just brutal with a rolling start of over 3000 athletes fighting for a space with no regard for anyone else swimming into and over everyone in there path! The swim was a lake swim in Wörthersee and then finish by swim up the Lendkanal with crowds of people either side cheering you on!
Distance 2.4 miles Time 1hr 14mins

The bike bit my favourite which seemed to go to plan, food and water seemed to be taken in ok and with a nice warm but overcast day the bike was good and fast. A few punchy hills to contend with which I took very stead and powered down the fast descents. Climbing 1680m Distance 112 miles Average 20 mph Time 5hr 33mins.

Now the run which I really as now wasn't looking forward to! The Austria people really know how to support a race and really pushed me on but after 8 miles of running my legs just started to give up and I honestly could not lift my feet off the ground, they were just scraping the floor so the run turned Into an 18 mile walk which was still very painful but just knew I had to get to that finish line asap!! Distance 26.2 miles Time 6hrs 18mins

Total time 13hrs 18mins 47secs

I am an Ironman


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