Me! Me!Me! Footprint of a Runner – Emma Phillips, age 42. Married to Lindsay. Mother to Ted 16 and Lily 14. Works at Lindsay Phillips Property Care, Contract Cleaners with 60 staff

One food you could eat for the rest of your life? Chicken and mushroom pie

Stiff drink or herbal tea?  Sherry

What got you interested in running in the first place? Have ran since primary school but did Derby 10k with some friends and got hooked.  Started running ‘properly’ 16 years ago

How long have you been a member of Matlock AC?  2 years

Some stats – PBs – 5k – 26.08; 10k – 55.41; Half Marathon – 1.59.35.

Do you cross train, if so what other sports do you do? Swim and go the gym using upper body weights 4 times per week, although I sometimes just head straight for the Jacuzzi.  Also cycle and cycled with the family Coast to Coast last year.  Enjoy doing stuff with the family

Other interests? Dressmaking. Entertaining at home and have lots of parties.  Enjoy lunches and tea and cakes with friends.

Dinner Party Guests? (Alive or dead) Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria, Wolverine in his pants, Lee Evans, Len Goodman, Patrick Swayzee, Daniel Craig in just his swim pants, Pierce Brosnan, Foxxy (off SAS), the more the merrier really.  We would eat Chicken and Mushroom Pies and Scones.

What is your most treasured possession?  My husband

What is your next running challenge?  The Windsor Half.  I am a committed Royalist and the house is cluttered with ‘Royal’ memorabilia.  So would go to Windsor for the weekend and soak it up

Parties or Peace and Quiet? Parties

If you could spend a day in the life of someone, who would it be?  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Favourite item of clothing? A dress I made from material with tape measures all over it (see pic)

Lily and Ted both run, but how do you juggle home life and training?  A good calendar, lots of lists and can someone please tell me when the MAC Christmas Doo is please!

I really do not like …………….  Rude people and middle lane drivers on the motorway

What is your guilty pleasure? Friday's - I don't really work that much on Fridays (no one tell my husband)

Who/ what is your biggest inspiration?  My family

Music?  I love Tina Turner, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys and 80s pop

Favourite film? Flashdance and Fame dance movies

TV?  I love all the soaps

Favourite Holiday Destination?  We used to have a house in Mayenne, South of Caen in France and I loved holidays there.  Have sold that now. 

We go every year to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands to a resort with lots of sporting activities.

Do you have any ideas which Matlock AC could incorporate to improve the club?  If I could change something at MAC it would be to bring back family membership - we have loads of juniors and a good majority of their parents will have been runners at some point and could be again - we need to encourage family membership.

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