Steve Holtm age 65.  Father to Mark 34 and Anna 30, married to Sue. Works as ( almost ) retired Breast Surgeon at Chesterfield Hospital

Why run?  I was a fat, unfit 14 stone 14year old (nickname ‘Barrel’ ). The Queen came on a school visit and I was selected for the guard of honour but couldn’t fit in my shorts so went on a drastic diet and never looked back . Started running  more in my 30’s

What is your favourite meal? Grilled lobster (at the seaside )

Stiff drink or herbal tea?  Pint of Loweswater Gold after a walk on the fells.

How long have you been a member of Matlock AC? Since 1993.

Some stats – PBs:   Never beat the magic 1.30 for a half  but did 1.33 at Nottingham, Sheffield and Worksop consecutively . Best marathon 3.44 London 2007 . It was the hottest London ever and I beat Haile Gabreselassie who couldn’t stand the pace and dropped out… Have enjoyed 8 “off road” marathons

 If you could spend a day in the life of someone, who would it be and why?  Kim Jong-un, Leader of N. Korea.  Would love to find out if he is really that bonkers .

Do you cross train, if so what other sports do you do? Not enough.  As have more time now I want to improve my swimming and core strength. 

Other interests? Gardening, particularly growing veg.  The great outdoors. Family stuff.

What has been your most rewarding challenge?  Really enjoyed 10 years of Alpine trekking with Steve Mead et al.  We have been to some great places, such as Corsica, The Haute Route, Monte Rosa .

What is your preferred type of race? Road half marathons, my favourite being the Coniston 14, which I have done 25 times

Funniest running moment? Arriving for the Taddington Fell Race one year, I registered and the organisers took my money but failed to tell me that the runners had set off 15 minutes earlier!  No, I didn’t get my money back.

What is your guilty pleasure? Pork pies

Who has been your biggest sporting influence/inspiration?    The 2 Jims in the Club – Jim Titterton; still competitive in his 70s and beats me on the downhills, despite his leaky heart valve!  Jim Thorneycroft for his enthusiasm inspiring people to compete, even me!

Latest music download? Don’t do downloads, but particularly enjoy Jools Holland, Paulo Nutini, C&W, Tamla Motown - lots

Favourite film?  One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, a 1975 American comedy-drama by Ken Kersey with Jack Nicholson about the ‘inmates’ of a mental institution – hysterically funny and desperately sad.

TV?  Coronation Street

Favourite holiday destination? St Kitts.  My sister lives there so we go every year.  My daughter, Anna, got married there last year to club member, Andrew Sheldon.

What is top of your bucket list?  To go to New Zealand, Anna’s Godfather lives there and it would be great to visit and do a tour as everyone I know who has been has loved it.

What is your worst habit? Being ridiculously early for everything (except Taddington FR, when I had put down the wrong start time!)

Who would you invite round to dinner?  Peter Kay, Beyonce and Jon Snow.  (He and I were students at Liverpool University and took part in a leftie political protest /sit in together.  He was chucked out of Uni for this but it did him no harm… )

Do you have any ideas which Matlock AC could incorporate to improve the club? Try to get more of a cross-over between Monday and Thursday. I think many of the “ less speedy” runners are (unintentionally) intimidated by the fast guys.  I would be happy to look after a slower group who are missing out on some fantastic summer routes.

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