Colin Davenport, age 33 married to Barbara, father to Millie (7) and Robbie (5)

What got you interested in running in the first place?  When the kids came along I needed a ‘quick’ hobby. 

Who inspires/motivates you? My wife inspires me!  Barbara developed a rare muscle-wasting condition in 2012, which effectively put an end to a lot of the hobbies she enjoyed and also her career as a Physio.  Despite all the setbacks she simply gets on with life and has thrown herself into all manner of other things such as helping out at school and providing a never ending supply of cake to her friends and family… I packed in my job as a Clinical Scientist in Sheffield and switched careers to working as a Gauging Engineer at Balfour Beatty in Matlock, which gives me a lot more time with my family.   

Some stats - PBs : Marathon 2:34:47 (London 2015), 10K 35:17 (Bolsover 2013), Half marathon 1:15:17 (White Peak 2013).  Also the current Derbyshire half marathon champion, mainly due to nobody else turning up!

Favourite food?  Curry and biscuits.  Not at the same time.

How long have you been running and a member of  Matlock AC?  I was running on and off for a few years and did the White Peak Marathon in 2006, but started ‘properly’ in 2008 when I was working at the Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield – one of the Engineers in the workshop coerced me into regular lunchtime runs, and got me into fell running.  I joined MAC 4 years ago.

Do you cross train, if so what other sports do you do? Just running.  No time for anything else!

Other interests? Music – I’m a trombonist!  The kids play too in the Shirland Miners Welfare Band; Millie on trombone and Robbie on baritone.  I also met my wife in a brass band.  It’s in the blood…

Pre-race tips? Always arrive in plenty of time and use lots of Vaseline

What has been your most rewarding running challenge? London Marathon this year when I ran past Paula Radcliffe just after mile 6 at Cutty Sark – the support for her was deafening!  I was pretty chuffed with completing the 69 mile “Hadrian’s Wall” race earlier this year.  Winning the Kinder Barrel Race in a team last year was probably the daftest (and most painful) thing I’ve done.

I really do not like ……. Sports Science – there is some good research out there but it is buried underneath a whole heap of commercially motivated crap. 

Favourite film? Brassed Off

Ed Sheeran or Elgar? Elgar.  Anything with a loud brass section in it that pins you to your seat – nothing subtle!

Worst habit? Using Barbara’s wheelchair as a battering ram, with her in it!!

What are you reading at the moment? ‘Infinitesimal’ by Amir Alexander.  Definitely book not Kindle

Best advice you have been given?  This would be the advice given by my Physics teacher at Secondary School, which was ‘question everything’.  Especially sports science…

Twitter or telephone?  Telephone

Current ambition?  To run under 2.30 for a marathon.  I am aiming for this next year in the London Marathon.  I may well have to be peeled off the floor at the end.

Advice for youngsters? Try a bit of everything in running to find out what you like and what you are good at.  Don’t be afraid to stick at something.  Stop bloody moaning.

Is there an event you particularly want to do?  The Bob Graham Round when the kids are a bit older and I can devote a bit of time to getting up to the Lakes.

Do you have any ideas which Matlock AC could incorporate to improve the club? When I joined the club there was not even a place to meet – at that time we met in the car park at the Imperial Rooms and just ran from there.  The Club has come on leaps and bounds since then!

I think we should possibly try and get out to more National or bigger regional events – these are great socially for the club, and on a personal level it’s good to push yourself against a bigger, more competitive field than you’re used to.  

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