Me, Me, Me!! Footprint of a Runner – Ben Cartwright, age 34

Married to Tori, father to Frank and Rosie.

Works as a Motortrader

What got you interested in running in the first place? I ran the  London Marathon for charity. It was supposed to be a one-off thing but I’ve never been the same since.  The first race was Tansley Hill a few years later.  The addiction began there.

Who inspires/motivates you? The people who are beating me.

Some stats - PBs : Not really a watch man but stats I know are Ironman Bolton 2014 – 10.23 hours, Ironman Wales 2014 – 10.43 hours and 42nd overall.

How long have you been a member of Malock AC? 3-4 years

Tell us about your training regime?  A mix of swim, bike, run – plenty of variety

Other interests?  Motor sport, family, walking our 4 labradors

What was your hardest race?  My wounds are still fresh from the Peak Epic Cycle Sportive – 103 miles with 13,000 ft of climb.  Brutally steep climbs and descents, gale force winds, hail, rain.  Hanging onto my bike for grim death for over 7 hours.  Still not sure if I enjoyed that one!

Pre-race tips?  As with most things in life preparation is key.  Turn up to the start line relaxed with a positive outlook

What is your guilty pleasure?  Guinness

How do you juggle family life with training?  I have a very understanding spouse and try not to let it affect family time too much.  If it means getting up super early to train then get up and get it done!

Favourite film? Too many to list but the most recent I thought was great was Snow White and the Huntsman.  Awesome film

Music download? Never done one.  Like a bit of everything – but Dire Straits, Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac are never far away from the wireless

Tomorrow I am going to …………  TRY HARDER!

Foods I could eat for ever.   Halva, almond butter and dates.  Eat my body weight in them every week

Advice for youngsters starting out in running? Have a goal to work towards, believe in yourself and enjoy it

Do you have any ideas which Matlock AC could incorporate to improve the club? I only have positive things to say about Matlock AC.  It’s a friendly proactive club with a great mix of age groups and abilities.  Everyone seems up for a challenge.  There is some up and coming talent in the younger runners so let’s continue to give them the encouragement and support they need.

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