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3 months 2 weeks ago #3848 by Jan Forrester
Dennis Belbin reports - Epic, Brutal, Relentless; this along with the tag line "Glastonbury for Runners" is the description for the Endure24 relays, a 5 mile loop in the grounds of Bramham Park, Yorkshire from 12pm Saturday to 12pm Sunday. 
MAC entered two teams one in the Men's small team section consisting of Jack Cummins, John Thorpe, Simon Flitter and Zak Hodgkinson and one in the large mixed team made up by Dennis Belbin, Peter Wilmot, Kelly Lynn, Shelley Fairey, Alaina Bond, Ben Fairey, with a guest appearance on the 1st lap by Dennis Holmes. 
The men's small team was for teams of 3-5 runners so our gallant quartet were a man down compared to most of the other team and paid the price later on as they lacked time to recover between runs. Despite this and each of the team visiting some very dark places in their minds during the night time double laps they managed an amazing 4th place in their category and an even more impressive 9th place overall! The team completed 39 laps with each member completing 10 laps (50miles) in a show of team unity Hodgkinson and Cummins ran the penultimate lap together so everyone covered the same distance handing over to club captain John Thorpe who attempted to capture the finishing straight strava segment with his last effort. 
The mixed team of 7 again was a man light from the maximum 8 and was reduced even further to 6 after Dennis "one lap" Holmes' foot meant he was taking no further part after the opening lap. This left the remaining 5 MAC members being ably supported by Sole Mate Ben Fairey. This team had it's own trials and tribulations but didn't quite visit the same Dark places the men did. Some careful re-shuffling of the order and tactical use of double runs over night saw some team members who were struggling given some much needed rest. The team completed 36 laps and came a well earned 9th out of 100 teams in their category however they had been as high as 4th during the race. The team split the laps based on how broken each member was at the time with Pete Wilmot and Alaina Bond both completing 7 laps (35 miles), Followed by Dennis Belbin and Shelley Fairey 6 laps (30 miles), Kelly Lynn 5 laps and Ben Fairey 4 laps. One MAC member was heard comparing the event to child birth saying "once it was over you forget how bad it was!" One thing is for sure everyone pushed themselves further than anyone thought possible and should be very proud of what they achieved.

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