Peat Pits Woods FR (2.4k/4.8k)

3 months 3 days ago #3712 by Jan Forrester
Report from David Clough on Peat Pits Woods FR on Sunday -
A few MAC’s not out Marathon running turned out for a blast through the woods organised by David Denton. 
Up 1st the junior races with 
Joshua Clough: 1st U10
Zachary Clough: 1 lap 5th 14:08
Oliver Brocklehurst: 6th 18:20
Geoff Cooper: 18th 20:34 3rd MV50
Dave Clough: 35th 22:40
Steve Goodall: 45th 24:00
Ellie Goodall: 53rd 24:55
Judith Goodall: 59th 25:54

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