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11 months 1 week ago #4196 by Jan Forrester
Ian Watson reports - The next MAC Virtual Challenge is very straightforward and open to MAC Member Adults, Juniors and those somewhere in between: Quite simply, how much ascent can you manage in a single 30 minute or 1 hour run? To be completed between Friday 17th and Monday 20th July.Any location, any surface. As simple as it sounds, it does raise some interesting tactical questions:Are hill reps the route to success? If so, short reps or long? Steep or gentle gradients? How much recovery time can you afford? Are you better off avoiding the monotony of reps and instead go full blast around your favourite hilly loop? Decisions, decisions…Whether you’re taking on the 30 or 60 minute challenge, here are some potential targets:Blackpool Tower (160m / 518ft)
The Gherkin (180m / 591ft)
1 Canada Sq. (235m / 771ft)
Thorpe Cloud (287m / 941ft)
Eiffel Tower (324m / 1063ft)
Bole Hill (356m / 1168ft)
Empire State Building (381m / 1250ft)
Gautries Hill (410m / 1345ft)
Higger Tor (434m / 1424ft)
Petronas Towers (452m / 1483ft)
Burbage Edge (500m / 1640ft)
CN Tower (553m / 1815ft)
Grindslow Knoll (601m / 1971ft)
Kinder Scout (636m / 2086ft)
Burj Khalifa (828m / 2717ft)
Vertical km (1000m (!) / 3280ft)Some inspirational facts:The world record for climbing the 86 stories of the Empire State Building is just 9m33s (men) and 11m23s (women).The vertical km world record is 28m53s, while for women it is 34m01s (Note - for anyone targeting the vertical km, the total run distance cannot exceed 5km to be an "official" vertical km).Comment below if you’re thinking of entering (including your age) so I can get my spreadsheet ready :-)When you complete your run, please title it MAC Ascent Challenge. If on Strava, please tag me (Ian Watson) or attach a screen shot of your result to this post. If all else fails, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please remember to respect current COVID-19 distancing requirements.. Thanks, and happy climbing!

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