Thursday Evening Training - Covid-19 Update

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Following the latest guidance from the government and from the UKA\EA , we are making tentative steps towards reintroducing Thursday night runs. However there will need to be some STRICT rules to ensure that we comply with guidance, ensure we do not invalidate the insurance protection you receive as a paid up member from our policies with UKA and ARC and most importantly to keep you all safe. Our first outing is planned for Thursday 11 June and we are planning a number of groups departing at different times and from different locations to ensure that we don’t exceed gatherings of six runners

.If you are in a vulnerable category, if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, or if you have been in contacted under the test track and trace system, please do not run with the group. If you have been on a group run and then display any symptoms, please also notify a member of the committee so that other members of the group can be advised as appropriate

To coordinate the runs, we have set up a spreadsheet providing details of the start times, group leaders, start locations, routes and distances. Members can access the spreadsheet by emailing their request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Once you have the link the spreadsheet will be open for you add yourself to a group. If after doing so you find you and can’t make it, please update the spreadsheet and take yourself off the list again so that the slot is available to someone else. If there is a shortage of group leaders or low numbers for any of the sessions, we might need to do a bit of juggling, so please keep an eye on the spreadsheet to make sure you go to the right place at the right time.

If you are not booked on a group, please DO NOT turn up and try to join an existing group – if we don’t comply with the rules, our insurance and your safety is put at risk.During the runs, there may be instances where runners have to pass over stiles or through gates – runners are recommended to use hand gel, gloves or paper towels as appropriate to minimise contact, and to wash their hands before and after the sessions. It’s all common sense, but we don’t want any of you getting ill because we get complacent.Hopefully this approach will work well and we’ll repeat it in future weeks. We might not be able to race for a while, but after so many weeks of isolation and lonesome running, it will be lovely to get out again in a group, even if we are 2 metres apart!

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