Peak Rail 7 - race day message for Marshals & volunteers

9 months 3 weeks ago #3196 by JamesT
PR7 - The weathers improving, it only looks like sleet for few hours early Monday morning then rain so unless we get the knock back from Peak Rail it's race on!

Here's the plan:

6.00pm Sunday evening - mark out the course, place advisory signs on the 3 road crossings, mark out the start pen and finish funnel. Anyone free to help?

7.30am Monday - Peak Rail open up, we need a small team to assist in erecting and anchoring the gazebo over the finish line and put up the start finish flags

7.50am - registration/finish line team briefing in the station cafe Jakki Simmons Karen Morley Dennis Belbin Jayne Thorneycroft, Caz Mellor, Joss Kathryn Berrisford, Hayley Gill Andy Mellor

8.00am - registration opens, kit bag drop in a sumptuous rail car

8.15 - marshals briefing in the cafe John Thorpe Michelle Lester Antony Lester Steve Holt Bob Foreman Dan Howarth Mark Jackson Tessa Jackson Robert Easton Rachel West Dennis Holmes Les Willis Mick Moorhouse Simon Flitter Emma Turner Jack Cummins Bill Willis Sarah Walton Katie Haywood Matt Haywood Andy Neath Simon Croft Laurie Croft Colin Davenport Mike Blair Scott Thompson Sam Thompson

9.15 - registration closes

9.20 - start line race briefing for runners

9.30 - race starts

9.32 - train departs

10.00 - finish line teams in position

Electronic team - Hayley Gill Andy Mellor JT
Manual team - Jakki Simmons Karen Morley Dennis Belbin
Results - Caz Mellor, Jayne Thorneycroft

10.10 - 1st runners approaching?

10.24 - train returns

11.05 - race presentations

Could you remove any signs close to your Marshaling position after Colin has passed through as sweep runner?

I think that's everything for now, post a message on here if I've missed anything or anyone.

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