Are you up for the Bronco Challenge in aid of the Whitworth Centre?
The Bronco Challenge is often used by rugby clubs to gauge the fitness of its players and is basically a test to see how fast you can do a series of shuttle runs (1.2 km in total). The  video below gives an overview:   

Beauden Barret of the All Blacks recently did it in a time of 4 min 12 seconds 
Donations to the Whitworth
Due to insurance, this challenge is only open to club members (both junior  and senior members) -  we are using the event to raise money for the Whitworth Centre. You can donate to the Whitworth by either:
  • giving a donation on the day in cash (I will bring a tin to collect); or
  • Donate online to the Whitworth crowdfunder campaign leaving the comment #macbroncochallenge
We have secured permission to run the challenge on the bottom field of the Whitworth. All participants will need to book a time slot using the link below - please do not just turn up on the day if you haven't booked as we have to abide by social distancing and limiting groups to 6.  If slots get full then I will add another hour on at 1pm.
On the day
  • Please turn up (already warmed up!) 5 minutes before your allocated time slot
  • Mark Pollak will run through the rules and the challenge (this will take about 5 minutes) 
  • You will set off as a group of up to 5 runners (around 5 minutes after your time slot)
  • You'll get your time and we'll put up the results
  • You will not feel well afterwards! 
COVID / Social distancing
We will need to abide by all the social distancing rules. 
  • Please turn up at the field no more than 5 minutes before your allocated time slot
  • Any enquiries please send to Mark Pollak - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • We will not have more than 5 participants at one time leaving 6 in the 'group' in total including myself. 
  • All Participants will need to pre-book a time slot online 
  • Time slots are set at 20 minute intervals (limited to 5 participants for each slot). 
  • The challenge itself takes around 5-9 minutes on average so there is time for 1 group to finish and the next group to come in and not cross over.  
  • Participants will be separated by 2 metres at all times. 
  • The challenge will take place on the bottom field at the Whitworth.
  • Junior members must be accompanied to the park but parents will need to watch from the side of the course  



Please note that the Whitworth charge for parking which is camera controlled. You should be able to park on a nearby road. 


If you can't make the Whitworth but would still like to do the challenge ... 
You can set out your own course and send your results to Mark Pollak by email (or tag me on Strava) before 6pm on the 27th June. Please also include a photo of the course you ran and ideally a link to GPS proof online (e.g. Strava activity etc.) as well as confirmation you have made a donation to the Whitworth.

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